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Admiral William H. McRaven has been in the US Navy for 37 years and is a popular writer in this generation. One of his best books is “Make Your Bed” which changed your life and also changed your world by following this book. There he explains his Navy Seal training and he explains his daily life and advice on his practical life. This book will change your life. By following this you will become successful. From his experience in the Navy, he told 10 life-changing principles that can change your lifestyle. Here we discuss the principles of form Make Your Bed book.

10 life-changing Principles from Admiral William H. McRaven’s Make Your Bed Book

Make Your Bed book – Admiral William H. McRaven

1. Start your daily morning with a complete small task

If you want to become successful first you need to change your early morning habits. In the first lesson you can learn at first to complete a small task like weak up early morning and dressing up going to the kitchen and starting breakfast etc. Complete small tasks give you a positive tone and energy for the rest of the day. Start your daily morning with positive thoughts and discipline because morning is the best time of day.

2. Make Your Team for Complete Any Task

The best theme of work is teamwork Admiral William H. McRaven’s told this in his Make Your Bed Book. He believes in teamwork because a team can take challenges. He believes success is often for the best team. Teamwork is the best thing for all working partners. All hard work you can do for the teamwork. He explains there why you can’t go alone for work. If work is not done by individuals then a team can do it easily.

McRaven explains the concept of ” sugar cookies” in his Make Your Bed book for he drow the part of his Navy Seal training. He explained how much the people were moving to the extra challenging conditions. This part teaches how to learn from the person of the failure and maintain all things of work.

4. Don’t fear of the circus

In the training of Navy Seal, the best thing about the circus is recovery from his mistake. The lesson is changed for hear. Here he explains how one can recover from mistakes. He believes that the recovery mistake helped us grow for opportunity.

5. First, the obstacle slides down

This lesson was the best but the part was about taking risks. McRaven explained in Make Your Bed book how one can face the heard change. He encouraged for to achieve their goals.

6. Don’t back from the sharks

Seal training was learned for the ‘sharks attack’. Here explain how can you face a shark and here learn the importance of one fear directly and how can you face it. This training explained how you can recover your fear and build up the confidence to make the right decision. Here you’re confident and positive.

7. Your dark moments were very strong and the best

Admiral William h MC Raven shared the Navy Seal training situation of his life and he explained all the stories of his training in the Make Your Bed book. The lesson of his Navy life he explains all things of character and all things of training details.

8. When the mud was up to your neck you started singing

Seal training of Mud mc Raven was learned a happy moment of this training. Because he was finding joy in this training. Admiral William h MC Raven learned this training a positive attitude and this made a significant difference.

9. Don’t ever ring the bell

In the training of Navy Seal, you give up the bell when you realise you are not a real Navy. The proof of a real Navy who can’t quite. The real Navy was changing with determination. The Navy can’t be quiet.

10. Almost you stay Hungry

The final thing Admiral William h MC Raven advises in the Make Your Bed book students to set new goals, always improve their skills and build up confidently.


Work Small, Impact Big ‘Make your bed book ’ teaches that small work but the impact is big. Because work is not small or big the importance is the biggest thing of the work. Admiral William h MC Raven wrote this book because he explained to them that work is the most popular thing in the world.

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